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Dedicated to an exclusive practice area, Avitr Legal


Dedicated to an exclusive practice area, Avitr Legal super specialises in employment and HR laws, a unique and rare find in India. Our lawyers have comprehensive experience in dealing with highly strategic and complex employment matters. Notably, at the regional and global levels, we specialize in multijurisdictional employment law projects and transactions. Our solutions and services are often witnessed as a blend of legal and HR expertise.


While assisting and advising our clients, our approach, solutions and offerings are not restricted to the ambit of related legal provisions, rather, our team endeavours to offer legal solutions in a manner that allows our clients to adopt long term strategies, be it in relation to cost saving or mitigation of legal risks.


Depending upon the special requirements of our clients, a team of experts (headed by a Partner) is customized and put on the job towards achieving the desired result. The Firm ensures that all the mandates get a Partner's attention and time, and the respective Partner continues to be one-point contact for the clients. The Partner ensures that the team members are always on a standby to respond to any critical and unexpected situation which the client may encounter.


When it comes to employment and HR laws, we regularly assist and work with a number of reputed foreign and domestic law firms who consider us a specialist on the subject. The members of the Firm have successfully handled several global projects for their clients in varied sectors. Our services and solutions offered to top tier Indian firms is looked at as a serious value addition by the clients.

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Avitr Legal is a boutique law firm specialising in the area of Employment & HR laws. We place an absolute priority on providing total quality commitment to all our clients independent of the pricing agreed, mandate/deal size, etc. It is the said approach which allows us to act as a preferred partner for all our clients.

We at Avitr Legal not only strive to protect the legal rights and remedies of our clients but believe in walking an extra mile to secure and safeguard the business interests of our clients. We understand that every client is different and so is their requirement and based upon the said understanding, we offer solutions which aptly fits within client's legal and commercial objectives. We advise a wide range of clients both in services and manufacturing sectors.